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Smoulder Viola

The Ultrasonic Facial Course

The Ultrasonic Facial Course

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The ultrasonic skin scrubber is an excellent choice for oily & problematic skin conditions. You are able to perform ultrasonic on mild, moderate, to serve oily and blemished skin unlike many other treatments.

The ultrasonic waves can help to lift, hyratye and protect the skin, exfoilating the surface of the skin and enhancing product penetration which supports skin health.

Ultrasonic waves is fantastic for lifting dead skin cells without the friction or abrasion that may cause sensitivites to various skin conditions. The treatment is excellent in conjuction with other services such as dermaplane, chemical peels, microcurrenct and many more combinations for your facials.

This Classroom based course gives you the added extra to your facials.

Course Date:

9th January at 10am - Fully Booked

7th February at 10am 

30th March at 10am

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