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Facial Treatments - Protocols BibleVol 1

Facial Treatments - Protocols BibleVol 1

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This is our first edition Vol 1 of The Facial Treatment Protocol Bible.

Ever needed to know the protocols or extra info and Google just didn’t cut it. We got you! Complete protocols that you can use to enhance your treatments boost your knowledge and make more money from your services. 

Understand treatments that work together and gives you perfect run downs for you to explain to your clients.

We wanted to create a book you can use easily when you need to know the facts instantly. It’s perfect to teach from and work from. We have all been there when you haven’t done a treatment for a while and you just need the bullet points to recap, for students until autopilot kicks in you just need that extra help or for a professional who wants to concentrate more on facials. We have covered different facials full break down so you can perform the treatments easily. 

I personally have days where I forgot which colour LED light to use or the Depths to use in Microneedling after not performing the service for a while, we have days where you just need help to help you need complete a great treatment and now you have it to your fingers instantly.

What’s included:
Basic Facial
Skin needling
LED Light Therapy
High Frequency

This A4 EBook is 90 pages of need to know protocols for facials.



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