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Soft Gel Extensions Course with Kit

Soft Gel Extensions Course with Kit

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If you struggle with Acrylic or hard gel, Full soft gel nail extensions are the answer.


Using specially formulated gel tips to work with Gel to ensure long-lasting 3+ weeks adhesion to natural nail. Follow proper steps and you can achieve beautiful, strong gel extensions with no lifting!


Super fast and easy system is a breeze to learn! Master the technique, and you can finish 10 finger extensions in just 10 minutes!


Soft-gel formulation of tips & Gel make removal simple! Soak or wrap in acetone for 15 minutes and it will remove just like gel polish.

 Get perfect extensions every time.

This course will take you through:

Natural nail preparation

Gel Application

Safe product removal

Health, safety and hygiene

Aftercare advice

Product knowledge


20 modules covered & includes video footage


A model is needed to complete this course.

Practical session is covered in the academy.


All products and equipment are included for training.

Accredited by ABT

Next available date:

 19th October at 10am - 1 Space Remaining 


Soft gels are the newest and quickest to apply full cover tip system on the market. 

Now with the addition of a 15ML Xgel sensitive this kit can provide up to 50 full applications!


-Dust free option

-HEMA free option

-Lowest costing system on the market

-Created, trialled & tested by nail techs

-Available in multiple different lengths & shapes


Starter kit includes:

-15ml Xgel

-15ml Xgel Sensitive

-15ml Xtech

-15ml Xprime

-Xtensions stand


-600pcs tip box 

Xgel is also available in a 30ml squeeze tube for ease of application and 15ml sensitive option.

Our Xgel is big 10 free (in fact it is 21 free!), cruelty free, vegan and can also be used to infill this system as well as a builder type base!


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