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Skin Booster Portable Protocols

Skin Booster Portable Protocols

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Working with students, we understand some information you need to hand regularly.

Have you trained in a service and haven’t done it for a while or still new at it and having a easy step by step of protocols would make life simpler.

We have created Portable Protocols just for this reason.

17 pages of need to know information


‚ÄĘSkin Booster Benefits
‚ÄĘSkin Booster potential side effects
‚ÄĘHow does Skin boosters work?
‚ÄĘDisposal of sharps
‚ÄĘPreventing cross contamination
‚ÄĘNeedle prick
‚ÄĘBasic pretreatment protocols
‚ÄĘSkin Boosters process
‚ÄĘRecovery from Skin Boosters
‚ÄĘBAP Injection Sites
‚ÄĘSkin Booster Aftercare
‚ÄĘSkin Booster Q&A
‚ÄĘSkin Booster Contra-indications
‚ÄĘBAP Technique
‚ÄĘHow long does Skin Boosters last & where?
‚ÄĘPretreatment advice

You will receive an instant downloadable item which contains a link to your Canva Template for you to print and use or even customise add your own logo.

Gain instant knowledge and make your job easier.

This is a digital product and due to the natural of the item no refunds are given.

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