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Smoulder Viola

Rainbow Animal Nail Art Lesson

Rainbow Animal Nail Art Lesson

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Say goodbye to Netflix and Hello to SmoulderFlix!


Its time to educate & relax with our Rainbow Animal Nail Design Tutorial. 

Try a new design to add to your skill set.


Level up you Nail Art looks whist chilling out in your own home its never been easier.

Purchase one of our tutorials and you will get access to it instantly.


It’s then its time to put your feet up and learn and…….RELAX.


Our CEO will narrator you through your journey, stripping back each and every step of the of the look revealing to you each and every product & application technique to help you master your game, and push your skills to the next level.


At only £4.99 you will get access to your chosen tutorial for a life time to pause rewind and replay as many times as you would like.


Who would of though that putting your feet up, and Kicking back could be so beneficial.

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