Classic Lash Course

Classic Lash Course

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28th September 2021 at 10am

Classic Lashes that naturally
enhance the beauty of your
eyes. Eyelash extensions are the
hot new rage. Semi-permanent eyelash
extensions that give you longer, thicker
and very natural looking eyelashes.
They look so natural no one will know they
are not yours!

Individual single strands of man-made fibre, which are shaped to mimic the natural
eyelash, which is adhered to your existing
lashed, not the eyelid. With proper
care, they can last as long as the
remaining lifetime of the natural lashes.

Course Content:

Health & Safety Hygiene,
sterilisation and disinfection
Patch testing Step by step
instructions on application
Step by step instructions
on removal Troubleshooting
Practical sessions
Basic Lash Mapping

We provide on this course
An accredited certificate by ABT
On-going email support from our tutors

£50 deposit is required to
reserve your place and this
is non-refundable
Handbook Application on
models or our own model
plus practice on training equipment.

Accredited by ABT

Please email us for this option
Requirement Age 16+ No Experience
or Previous Qualifications
Necessary for this
course Kits are available for purchase: