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Chemical Peel Course

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Next date: 1st July 2021 Starting at 12pm
Our Chemical Peel Course is essential for any beauty technicians looking to offer a wider range of treatments to their clients and expand on their beauty skills. This 4 hour course will take you through the in-depth theory of Chemical Peels along with a live demonstration before welcoming your own model into the Academy. You will take your model through a full consultation before selecting the perfect peel to target their individual skin concern. Accredited by Beauty Industry Approval. TYPES OF PEELS WE TEACH: Clinicare Glow AHA Peel – This peel is great for hyperpigmentation, age spots, and dull tired skin. It contains a mixture of acids such as glycolic, mandelic, kojic and arbutin acid to actively make your skin glow! Clinicare Refresh AHA Peel – This peel works wonders for those who have fine lines, wrinkles and helps rejuvenate the skin. It contains a mixture of glycolic, phytic and kojic acids to help you look 10 years younger! Clinicare Pure BHA Peel – This peel is great for troubled and/or sensitive skin and acne-like conditions. Containing a mixture of salicylic, lactic and glycolic acids, your skin will look completely brand new! A deposit of £50 is needed in order to secure your place on the course. **ALSO AVAILABLE COMBINED WITH DERMAPLANING CONTACT US Accredited by Beauty Industry Approval