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Foundation Botox Course

Foundation Botox Course

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Foundation Botox Course


7th July and 22nd July 2022 - 1 Space left 

prerequisites needed for this course: 

Facial, Microneedling qualification 

Level 3 Beautician qualification 

Qualified Nurse 

Contact us directly via WhatsApp 07964108739 for next available dates


The Foundation Botox is a two -day course with pre-study expected of the Anatomy and Physiology of the body. 

Your online theory is covered before your practical sessions and will be sent directly to your email address (this will be the email address used to purchase the course.)

Our training Manual is instantly downloadable after purchase. 

Students will be expected to provide x5 case studies. These must show consultation documents, pictures of skin pre and post procedures and pictures of mapping and justifications alongside client feedback. 

Learners will also provide pictures and feedback at the client’s 2 week review. A further assessment will be carried out (if necessary) after the case studies have been reviewed.


Course Content


Introduction -Outcomes and Objectives of the course
Botox-History and Uses
Brands of Botox 
Costings and Profit Margin 
Health, Safety, Terminology, Insurance, Prescriber Requirements (Can share prescriber contacts in the area)
Contraindications and Modifications 
Contra actions, Homecare, Aftercare, Longevity
Consultation Process
Anatomy: skin, blood, muscles, nerves
Advances Knowledge test – Muscles of the facial anatomy focus (frontalis, procerus, corrugator, nasalis, orbicularis occuli
Basic Botox patterns –practice drawing out including knowledge of measurements/migration /danger zones
Mixing Botox 
Needles and Sharps
Model Clients -Learner will map out, consult, mix, inject. Learner will also be assessed on the homecare and aftercare they provide, photos of mapping and skin pre and post procedure will be taken


CPD Accredited 

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Maximum of 3 to a class.

Practical session is on a live model.

Models can be provided if needed.