Collection: HY-SILK

Dissolved with Salt

The filler is dissolved with non prescription Salt within 5 mins!

Dissolves with 80% LiBr Solution

Partially Dissolved with weaker LiBr solution or any 1:4 Ratio Alkaline Salts

Hyaluronic Acid Chains will Naturally Break down upon removal of Silk Fibroin Lixivum

Gel to Liquid Back to Gel

Silk Fibroin Lixivium is amazing as it has the ability to transform from a Gel to Liquid then back to Gel by the application of force.

Silk Fibroin Lixivium Gel is converted to a liquid through the use of a syringe and needle, and then transforms as a Gel within the tissue.


The Packaging unit turns into a sharps disposal unit for safety, ease and convenience.

Hy-Silk Light

For the treatment of Superficial Lines and age related loss of Lip Volume

Hy-Silk Deep

For the treatment of Deep Wrinkles &  Lines, Nasolabial folds, Lip Volume, Cheeks & Chin

Hy-Silk Ultra Deep

For the treatment of most severe Wrinkles, Lines, Nasolabial folds, Lip Volume, Cheeks, Chin & Nose Contouring

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