Learning Aesthetics?

Learning Aesthetics?

So firstly I’d like to start with a Hey! This is our first blog, we have so much to say that we find social media doesn’t always get this across with the pretty pictures.

I can proudly say, Smoulder Viola reached that goal I’ve wanted for the academy since day one.... Aesthetics. We have held aesthetics training in the past but this time it will be taught by us alone. We gained our accreditation in January 2021 and now focus on reopening the academy to students to finish practical sessions. 

Most aesthetics courses are basic but I wanted to put my heart and soul in to these courses. I found when I personal trained years ago, that I didn’t feel like I had the knowledge I needed. So I ended up spending out on 5 other courses to gain more knowledge.

Im a huge believer that students need to train regularly to keep up with new techniques in the service as things change and evolve. We have set up our first aesthetics course, Foundation Botox course which isn’t a half day course this is a 2 full day practical sessions. Day 1 the consultation & service then Day 2 the review on the client and service. I believe you need to see the same client 2 weeks later to see we’re to review & adjust if needed. As this is what would be needed when the student is carrying out the service in their own clinic. Theory for the course is covered online before you visit us, this will help you have the knowledge to ask questions on the day. 

So I will leave you now to carry on the plans for our grand reopen and look forward to seeing you all very soon! 
Take Care 

Laura X

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